A fund raising exhibition by Weimin He, an artist of Oxford University, was susscessfully held in Sinolink Gallery and reported by Oxford mail and Radio Oxford. The following is quoted from Weimin:

I am very delighted to inform you, Wu Jiangwei, the young man you all helped with, had his kidney operation on Monday 31 December, his operation went well. The kidney was from a donor, not from his mother but seems in perfect match. His creatinine level was above 1500, and the level gets lower and lower each day after the operation, and today reached under 200 which is closer to normal. His parents had never smiled since Jiangwei was diagnosed with renal failure but now they are very delighted.
In total over 12 thousand pounds have been raised from all of you and from a group of academics in China who were visiting scholars in Oxford. The fund which you all contributed made huge difference in saving Wu Jiangwei’s life.  I am very grateful for your generosity and kindness. Wu’s brother Yanjiang said, their family is hugely grateful for everyone who contributed to his brother’s treatment, and wish to bless you all in good health and have prosperous future. These are my wishes too.