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ZHU Aiping

ZHU Aiping was born in Shandong Province, now lives and works in Jinan and Beijing. Graduated from China Academy of Art in 1982, Zhu is now holding the positions as follows:

·        Vice Director, Oriental Culture Research Institute, Minzu University of China

·        Vice Director, National Art Academy of China

·        Professor, Institute of Brand and Communication, Shandong University, China

·        Chairman, Shandong Woodcut Artists Association, China

·        Curator, Centre for Art Exchange of Shandong Art Museum, China

·        Fellow of China Artists Association

Zhu’s artworks have been exhibited in:

Beijing, Shandong, Anhui, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tibet, Taiwan, Austria, Canada, Switzerland, India and Korea,

and collected by:

the International Olympic Library of Germany, University of Regina of Canada, City Museum of Nanning, City Museum of Yinchuan, Museum of Shandong Province, Art Gallery of Shandong Province, Museum of Taiwan, National Art Gallery for Education of Taiwan, Madam He Xiangnin Art Gallery of Shenzhen, Diaoyutai State Guesthouse of Beijing, Peking University, Hon Wing Book Company Ltd. Of Hong Kong, Minzu University of China, Museum of Inner Mongolia, City Museum of Rizhao, and many others.

ZHU's paintings

Childishness church  Oil on canvas  50x50cm  2009

Lakeside villas  Oil on canvas  50x50cm  2009

Children's houses 1  Oil on canvas  20x25cm  2009

Children's houses 2  Oil on canvas  20x25cm  2009

Children's houses 3  Oil on canvas  20x25cm  2009

Children's houses 4  Oil on canvas  20x25cm  2009

Children's houses 5  Oil on canvas  100x80cm  2009

Children's houses 6  Oil on canvas  50x50cm  2009

Foreign-style houses in Shanghai  Oil on canvas  50x60cm 2012

Impression church  Oil on canvas  100x80cm 2008

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