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WU Zhenhuan

Wu Zhenhuan was born in Guangdong Province, China. He is an artist, writer, poet, calligrapher, curator and editor.

Wu Zhenhuan’s current and past positions include the Curator of Beijing Modern Art Gallery; Visiting Professor of the Art Academy of Tsinghua University; Executive Curator of Beijing Shangshang International Art Gallery; Editor of Beijing ‘Contemporary Arts’ and Chairman of Young Artists’ Association of Zhanjiang City Guangdong Province.

His artworks have been collected by the Art Foundation of China (2010), Lingsheng Art Organization (2010), Art Gallery of Shandong Province (2010), Shandong Zouyou Art Gallery (2010), Songzhuang Traditional Chinese Painting Institute (2010), National Library (2009), Modern Art Gallery of Beijing (2009), Beijing Shangshang International Art Gallery (2009), Beijing Songzhuang Art Gallery (2007), Rayans Art Foundation of France (2007), Leizhou City Art Academy (2005), Zhengzhou City Museum (2004), Wu Daozi Museum (1998), South China Sea Fleet (1990), and many private collectors worldwide.



WU's paintings

Female artist and others     Acrylic on Canvas     200x180cm     2008

Flower picking  Acrylic on Canvas  200x100cm  2011

Lone walker  Acrylic on Canvas  200x100cm  2011

Sound of wings   Acrylic on Canvas   150x120cm   2008

Thinking  Acrylic on Canvas  200x100cm  2011

In the name of poetry   Acrylic on Canvas  150x120cm  2008

In a trance  Oil on Canvas  200x90cm  2006-2009

Waiting   Acrylic on Canvas   140x280cm   2009

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