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 SHU Yi was born in Xinjiang Provice, China. She is an artist, designer, curator and scholar.

PhD candidate at the Department of Art History, Academy of Art, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
Associate Professor, Communication University of China
Director of the Public Art & Design Research Centre, Institute of Advertising, CUC
Visiting Scholar to the UK sponsored by the Ministry of Education of China
Founder of the "From Nature to Mind", a group of intellectual artistes, designers and theorists

1999 'Tibet series' shown in the Ninth National Fine Arts Exhibition, China
2000 'Butterfly, fish & bird' shown in the Qingdao International Print Biennale
2005Kangba man’ shown in Beijing ‘Fine Home Exhibition’ and awarded the prize of outstanding
2008 The Trail Art Show and the Fusion Art Show
2009 'From Nature to Mind, new intellectual artists exhibition' in National Art Gallery of China
2010 'Harmony Art Show', 'Consciousness & Melting Art Show' and 'Academy & Attitude Art Show'


SHU's woodcuts

Kangba men of Tibet series     Woodcut    41.5x53cm     1999

Morning mist of Tibet series     Woodcut    41.8x54.4cm     1999

On the street of Tibet series     Woodcut     41x52cm     1999

Pilgrims of Tibet series     Woodcut     42.5x52.8cm     1999

Playing music of Tibet series     Woodcut     41.5x54.5cm     1999

Under the sun of Tibet series     Woodcut     42.4x53.4cm     1999

Unknown small town's morning of Tibet series   Woodcut   42x54.5cm   1999

Walking people of Tibet series     Woodcut     42.1x52.9cm     1999

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